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Noah Herschman

Senior Architect Microsoft

Noah works with global online and offline retailers to digitally transform their operations to attract customers, empower employees and optimize operations.

Noah has been involved in ecommerce since its inception in the mid-1990s and has held leadership positions at Amazon, eBay, Groupon and DH Gate. He was most recently the Managing Director of Marketplace Ignition Asia, a leading ecommerce marketplace consultancy. Noah also has 20 years of traditional retail experience

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Graham Leach

Professor, Advisor, Consultant, Cxo

I am a University Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Currently, I am advising several startups around the world in and working to establish an Emerging Technologies Venture Fund in Hong Kong under the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).

I am good at scoping, planning, management and building high-quality teams. I have done this many times and my experiences have molded me into a

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Alicia Liu

Co-Founder of Reborn Technology

Former sales director in Amazon. 13 years working experience in Walmart,Former DMM in Walmart China; Former senior sourcing manager in Walmart Global Sourcing
Meet Ailcia At Cross Border Matchmaker 2018 in Shenzhen, China

I have 13 years work experience in Walmart Global Organization. Let’s discuss the opportunity to expand your business to Walmart online and physical stores.
Topics - Help you expand business to

Keywords: Walmart

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Nathan Resnick

CEO at Sourcify

Nathan Resnick, a young entrepreneur, writer, and traveler, who has brought dozens of products to market, been a part of a lot of Kickstarter projects, write for a few different media outlets, and used to live in China. Is the CEO of Sourcify a platform that makes manufacturing easy.

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You must be super busy at the moment as I believe you are moving to Chiang Mai.
I just wanted to thank you on this little Asia Business Unleashed series and all your info in your podcasts.

I am going to dig deeper these coming weeks into the possibility of exporting Belgian products into China.

I guess that is not gonna be a piece of cake haha. But let’s give it a try.

See you.”


“I learned dropshipping and for long term we can have this kind of business and will visit also from some Fairs in China and hope to learn more regarding e-commerce.”

Elma – Travel Agent.

Hi Michael, just watched your CM Coffee Club Digital Nomads presentation. It was awesome, which I could have made it! Hey, just wondering, you were talking a bit about protecting IP by getting the product manufactured by the factory and then the packaging separate. How would this work? I would have thought the factory does BOTH the manufacturing and packaging for you…before sending the product to say Amazon FBA. If there’s a way to get the manufacturing and packaging separate, I’d love to know some recommendations which are cost effective. Hopefully you can reply, cheers! Jason

Jason Stevenson

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