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What is the Mission of the Cross Border Association?

Improve the relations and feasibility of doing business between borders.

Cross Border Association, CBA exists to provide the cross-border business industry the following 3 services:


We want to ensure that those in the industry and in our association are “playing fairly”. If there is an issue in the industry, especially between our members, we as an association will work for the greater good to resolve this issue. By being part of the GFA Experts Association, you can feel safe that you have our best interests at heart.


We want to spotlight and promote our members and their businesses. As a qualified business in the cross-border industry, we want to help you get the exposure you need. Listed on our member directory and in our member marketing materials, you will be part of an association who gives you the eyeballs you need.


The purpose of the association is to provide an opportunity for global e-commerce business leaders to socialize, learn, communicate help and cooperate with each other.

A community that supports one another is invaluable.


When you signup for Cross Border Association, you receive access to premium resources designed to help international businesses grow. These tools will get your business on the right track and give you the knowledge and power to go forward with confidence.

It’s everything you expected, and so much more.

Members Only Events

Small & valuable dinners, retreats, and gatherings. Receive priority access and special price Cross Border Summit and other members only events. From events to education, retreats to books, we got you in the front line with a special pass ready!

Included in Member’s Directory

In the official Global From Asia VIP Wechat Group, you’ll be in a community where you can safely ask the pressing questions on your mind as well as help others on their international business journeys.


Receive Accelerated cross border business networking & connections. Looking to connect with other business owners like you? Or those that are a few levels ahead to cut down the learning curve? Let us know what your business is and who you’d like to meet, and we’ll find quality contacts for you to connect with.

Media Exposure

Are you looking for more exposure for your business? Who isn’t right? As a GFA VIP member, we will give you the chance to reach our audience with news and updates on your business.

GFAVIP Library

Learn what is behind the scenes in operating an international business with our massive library of online education – from videos to books to contacts and cheat sheets, enjoy it all here.

Company Review

Get your company listed in our GFA Review directory for more discovery and exposure. Learn what people are looking for with analytics and insights from our marketing team.

VIP Series

Our editorial team will interview you and create a unique insight on your involvement in the cross border business ecosystem. Share your story with others and connect more deeply with the community.

Event Priority

For our general Global From Asia community events, enjoy free or deep discounts – and always priority access.

Online Masterminds

Join other business owners growing and scaling their business in Asia. We have regular “mastermind rushes” where we open applications and allow members to connect with others in groups of 4-6. This has proven to be a great way to help other entrepreneurs and business executives get unique perspectives and insights on improving their business.

Call with Mike Michelini

You’re smart, that’s why you’re here. You know that in order to keep on top of the latest trends in business, you need to be constantly learning. That is one of my favorite parts of being an entrepreneur – learning. Once you signup, have a private 1 on 1 call with Mike Michelini

Who Should Join The Cross Border Association?

Useful for everyone, at any part of the cross-border ecosystem!

E-Commerce Sellers

Selling online – you are likely buying from China. Connect with other Amazon FBA sellers and e-commerce professionals. Logistics, sourcing strategies, and general business networking with experts!

Manufacturers & Suppliers

Doing product manufacturing? Or figuring it out as you go! We have all been there, done that. Share what product you are working on, and get some tips and insights on how to best approach this multi-dimensional endeavor.

Service Provider

This is a business who assists sellers and/or suppliers in the cross-border ecommerce industry. Ranging from legal services to marketing agencies, these are important parts of a successful ecosystem.

Together, these three types of members together create an amazing ecosystem to grow and thrive on. All 3 are needed in order to flourish as an association and an industry as a whole.

Amazing Experts In the Community

Noah Herschman

Senior Architect Microsoft

Noah works with global online and offline retailers to digitally transform their operations to attract customers, empower employees and optimize operations.

Noah has been involved in ecommerce since its inception in the mid-1990s and has held leadership positions at Amazon, eBay, Groupon and DH Gate. He was most recently the Managing Director of Marketplace Ignition Asia, a leading ecommerce marketplace consultancy. Noah also has 20 years of traditional retail experience

See full profile

Graham Leach

Professor, Advisor, Consultant, Cxo

I am a University Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Currently, I am advising several startups around the world in and working to establish an Emerging Technologies Venture Fund in Hong Kong under the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).

I am good at scoping, planning, management and building high-quality teams. I have done this many times and my experiences have molded me into a

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Alicia Liu

Co-Founder of Reborn Technology

Former sales director in Amazon. 13 years working experience in Walmart,Former DMM in Walmart China; Former senior sourcing manager in Walmart Global Sourcing
Meet Ailcia At Cross Border Matchmaker 2018 in Shenzhen, China

I have 13 years work experience in Walmart Global Organization. Let’s discuss the opportunity to expand your business to Walmart online and physical stores.
Topics - Help you expand business to

Keywords: Walmart

See full profile

Nathan Resnick

CEO at Sourcify

Nathan Resnick, a young entrepreneur, writer, and traveler, who has brought dozens of products to market, been a part of a lot of Kickstarter projects, write for a few different media outlets, and used to live in China. Is the CEO of Sourcify a platform that makes manufacturing easy.

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Community Manager, China Market

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